Table 2.

Additional model details. DON, dissolved organic nitrogen.

soil texture uniform or by layerby layeruniformby layerby layerby layerby layerby layerby layer
soil texture dynamica or staticdynamicstaticstaticstaticstaticstaticstaticstatic (bulk density dynamic)
number of layersinput106 + 1, or 3 (B-WITCH)inputinput1–2inputup to 10 + organic + groundwater
release of nutrients from SOManutrient and SOM pool-specificequilibriumequilibriuminput, and negative uptake of Ninput, and negative uptake of Ninputnonerate laws (implicit for Ca, Mg, K)
plant nutrient poolsaleaves, wood and rootsimplicitnoneimplicitstems, branches, bark, fine rootswhole plantroot, stems, leaves, sucrose, othershoots, roots
SOM poolsahumus, resistant, activelumpednonelumpedlumpedone poolhumus, surface residuesactive, passive, slow
root depth distributionauniformexponentialnoneupper layersinput by layern.a.dynamic root growthinput by layer
rhizosphere chemistryayesyesnononononono
microbes representedatwo bacterial guildsnononononoyesyes
mycorrhizal fungiayesyesnononononono
productivity calculatedayesnononononoyesyes
nutrient demand based on…aNPPinput NPPinput GPPinputinputinput time seriesinput ash alkalinityNPP
nutrients taken up by plantsaN, P, K, Ca, MgCa2+, Mg2+, K+, lumped N, Embedded Image, lumped PCaMgKSPN, lumped CaMgKlumped CaMgKNlumped base cationsEmbedded Image, Embedded Image, P, S (CaMgK implicit)
in situ mineral surface area per unit land areaempirical function (as PROFILE) of dynamic texturefunction of texture and lithologyempirical function of texture (as PROFILE)empirical function of textureempirical function of texture (as PROFILE)implicitn.a.none
applied dust mineral surface area per unit land areab(planned) shrinking sphereshrinking sphere with correction factorn.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
cation exchange capacityasite and layer datanonefixed for layers 1–4; extrapolated for deeper layerssite and layer datasite and layer datasite datan.a.specified or related to an equilibrium phase or kinetic reactant
ion-exchange calculationsaFick diffusion Law (as PROFILE)noneFick diffusion Law (as PROFILE)Fick diffusion LawFick diffusion Law (as PROFILE)Gaines–Thomas equilibria and Langmuir (SO4)n.a.specified or related to an equilibrium phase or kinetic reactant
exchangeable speciesaCa2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, Al3+, kinetic adsorption of Embedded ImagenoneCa2+, Mg2+, K+base cations, Al3+, H+base cations, Al3+, H+base cations, Al3+, SO42−n.a.input
mineralogy (in situ)site and layer datalithological map, uniformsite and layer datasite and layer datasite and layer datan.a.n.a.input
phosphate mineral weathering kineticsayesnoyesyesyesn.a.n.a.n.a.
carbonate/sulfate mineral weathering/chemistryaequilibriaequilibriakineticsnonenonen.a.n.a.input annual flux
fertilizeraEmbedded Image fertilizernonowith depositionwith depositionwith depositionN, P from manure or fertilizer, residuesN, P, S organic or inorganic fertilizer
depositionaEmbedded Image, Embedded Image, K+, low molecular weight N, PnonenoneEmbedded Image, NOx, Embedded Image, Embedded Image, NH3, base cationsEmbedded Image, Embedded Image, Embedded Image, lumped CaMgKCa2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, Embedded Image, Embedded Image, Embedded Image, Cl, Fnonewet and dry H+, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, Cl, Embedded Image, Embedded Image, Embedded Image
pyrite dissolutionnonespecified based on lithologyinputnonenoneinputnoneinput annual flux
secondary mineralsagibbsite equilibriaequilibria onlykineticsgibbsite equilibriagibbsite equilibriaaggregated Al(OH)3 equilibrianoneinput annual flux
weathering agentsbH+, CO2, H2O + organic ligandsoxalate, H+, H2O, OHH+, H2O, OH, ligandsH+, H2O + organic ligands, CO2H+, H2O + organic ligands, CO2n.a.nonen.a.
silicate weatheringbkineticskineticskineticskineticskineticsBayesian model with input fluxes per unit land areanoinput annual flux
N speciesbEmbedded Image, Embedded ImageimplicitimplicitEmbedded Image, Embedded ImageEmbedded Image, Embedded ImageEmbedded Image, Embedded ImageEmbedded Image, Embedded ImageEmbedded Image, Embedded Image, N2O, NOx, N2, DON
N immobilized by microbesayesnononet uptakeyesyesnoyes
volatile NH3yesnonononononoyes
N leachingaNO3nononononoNO3yes
Al species13 specieslumpedAl3+, AlOH2+, Al(OH)2+Al3+, AlOH2+, Al(OH)2+Al3+, AlOH2+, Al(OH)2+13 speciesnoneinput
P speciesPO43−lumpedH3PO4, Embedded Imagenonenonenonelumpedinput
organic acidslumped trivalentlumped oxalatelumped ligandslumped monovalentlumped monovalentlumped triproticnonelumped triprotic
  • aRecommended.

  • bRequired for cropland EW.