Table 1.

Parameter values used in SIYR model. These parameter values result in an R0 = 2.0 in the absence of sexual transmission. Time unit is months (correspondingly months−1 for rates).

Ntotal population size1000
γmean recovery rate from symptomatic infection2
ϕdegree of intervention to current incidence0.054
βCtransmission rate through direct-contact0.01334
αscaling parameter of gamma distribution/number of sexually infectious pseudo-stages5
ηrate parameter of gamma distribution/pseudo-stage transition rate0.722
ωmean recovery rate from sexually infectious phase (η/α)0.144
pproportion of directly infectious individuals who become sexually infectious0.0–0.5
βStransmission rate through sexual contact0.0–0.5
ψprobability of disease-induced mortality0.7