Table 1.

Localities of the 10 studied populations from France (F) or Switzerland (CH). Light-pollution estimates are from taken from DataRadiance (see Methods). These light-pollution values were measures in 2012, and we use them as a proxy for the last decade.

site/countrylatitude/longitudepopulationlight pollution (10–9 Watt cm−2 × sr)no. of tested individuals
Blochmont/F47°26′16″ N 7°14′10″ Edark-sky0.25–0.453
Kleinlützel/CH47°25′55″ N 7°22′57″ Edark-sky0.4–193
Kiffis/F47°26′18″ N 7°17′59″ Edark-sky0.4–189
Doucier/F46°39′40″ N 5°41′21″ Edark-sky0.4–166
Lutterbach/F47°46′12″ N 7°3′36″ Edark-sky1–319
Allschwil/CH47°32′52″ N 7°32′80″ Elight-polluted20–40144
Reinach/CH47°31′50″ N 7°36′25″ Elight-polluted20–40170
Hegenheim/F47°33′43″ N 7°31′14″ Elight-polluted>4075
Basel Kannenfeld/CH47°33′59″ N 7°34′19″ Elight-polluted>40129
Basel Spalentor/CH47°33′28″ N 7°34′53″ Elight-polluted>40210