Table 1.

Statistical models showing coefficients and significance (in parenthesis) of main effects and interactions from the MCMCglmm and PGLS approaches. Significant terms are shown in bold. DIC and AICc values are reported for MCMCglmm and PGLS models, respectively.

socialitycolony sizebody sizetemperature
MCMC generalized linear mixed model
 main effect17.84 (−5.03, 40.04)−4.93 (−10.20, −0.049)14.16 (3.27, 25.58)−3.52 (−10.21, 3.40)
 interaction with body size−6.57 (−29.21, 15.17)0.81 (−4.99, 6.83)
 interaction with colony size−92.34 (−471.46, 233.13)
phylogenetic generalized least squares
 main effect15.27 (0.273)−2.55 (0.037)2.89 (0.043)
 interaction with body size1.19 (0.675)0.053 (0.934)
 interaction with colony size−3.51980 (0.6850)
models of trait evolution
 DIC (independent)1409.1021409.2861409.6081410.107
 DIC (Pagel)1409.1021409.0051409.6081410.354
 AIC (independent)107.379107.434111.164
 AIC (Pagel)108.481103.829105.377
 Pagel's lambda0.7870.771