Table 1.

Cell lineage of 2d descendants.

photoconverted cellsdevelopmental fate at trochophore stageno. larvae showing the fate/no. embryos observedfigure
2ddorsal post-trochal epidermis and shell field4/42ac
2d2right-anterior and right-posterior dorsal post-trochal epidermis8/82j,k
2d12left-anterior dorsal post-trochal epidermis6/62l,m
2d111anterior dorsal post-trochal epidermis6/62n,o
2d1122right-posterior post-trochal epidermis7/72p,q
2d11211right-posterior shell field and ligament
right-anterior and posterior dorsal post-trochal epidermis
2d11212left-anterior shell field and ligament
left-anterior and posterior dorsal post-trochal epidermis
1dprototroch and pre-trochal epidermis4/4S1