Table 1.

The total number of species either extinct (EX) or extinct in the wild (EW) according to the IUCN Red List (2015) in each of five major taxa, and the total number (Salien) and percentage (%Salien) for which alien species are listed as a causal threat, the mean number of threats recorded per species (±s.d.), and the percentage of all listed threat categories that relate to aliens (%T).

plantsEX329282 (±1)14
EW236262 (±1)15
amphibiansEX1510674 (±2)19
EW21504 (±1)13
reptilesEX64672 (±1)29
birdsEX11971602 (±1)35
EW43753 (±2)27
mammalsEX4330702 (±1)45
EW2003 (±1)0
total247134542 (±1)29