Table 2.

Diversity statistics. The number of haplotypes (nhaplo) and nucleotide diversity (π) indicate the high diversity found in the mainland clade. Non-significant p-values for Tajima's D indicate a failure to reject neutrality and demographic stability. Significant p-values and highly negative values for Fu's F indicate recent spatial or demographic expansion. SSD and Harpending's R relate to the mismatch distributions; non-significant p-values indicate a failure to reject a model of population expansion.

nnhaploπTajima's DFu's FSSDHarpending's R
mainland1135117.40076−0.18346 (0.482)−7.5022 (0.001)0.01252 (0.012)0.00557163 (0.910)
coastal1840.62745−1.38107 (0.075)−3.4 × 10 (0.000)0.00003 (1.000)0.09812465 (0.750)
island1620.458331.03439 (0.888)−3.4 × 10 (0.000)0.01419 (0.990)0.21701389 (0.710)