Table 1.

Outline of the sensitivity analysis carried out on the adult Alligator and dinosaur MDA models.

input parameterinitial modelrange tested
muscle mass/PCSAbest estimate volumetric reconstruction of muscles±20% based on error in estimates of muscle volume reconstruction in living taxa
maximum contraction velocity (Vmax)8 s−14–12 s−1 [10,11]
muscle fibre length (FL)25% maximum muscle length (average value in muscles in the human model)10–40% maximum muscle length (range of values for muscles in the human model)
fibre pennation anglezero pennation— increase in PSCA expected from 20° pennation angle (max pennation measured in Alligator 17° [13])
— increase in PSCA expected from 20° pennation angle and shortest FLs (i.e. 10% maximum muscle length)