Table 2.

Results of statistical tests (analysis of variance) assessing effects of egg batch, CO2 level, and their interaction on hatch rates and larval behaviour.

hatch rates (3CO2 levels: control, 1000 and 2000 µatm)
 egg batch 614.2<0.00001
 CO2 level 2106.3<0.00001
 egg batch × CO2 level124.0<0.00001
hatch rates (2CO2 levels: control and 1000 µatm)
 egg batch 616.5<0.00001
 CO2 level 11.9>0.1
 egg batch × CO2 level 60.5>0.5
swimming behaviour of nauplius (2CO2 levels: control and 1000 µatm)
 egg batch 20.8>0.1
 CO2 level 10.4>0.5
 egg batch × CO2 level 20.8>0.1