Table 2.

Total mercury (Hg) content in tuna sushi samples. (Data from samples identified as one of the three species of bluefin (T. maccoyii, n = 7; T. orientalis, n = 4; T. thynnus, n = 18), were pooled into a single category. Akami is the Japanese word for lean red tuna, and toro for fatty tuna. Total mercury (ppm) varied significantly across sample categories (one-way ANOVA: F4,95 = 11.81, p < 0.0001). Categories assigned as ‘a’ were significantly different from those assigned ‘b’ (Tukey's multiple comparison test). The mean dose was calculated for the default weight of a 60 kg adult woman (WHO 1972; Health Canada 2007) consuming a single order.)

total Hg (ppm)
sample categorymeanmedians.d.minmaxassignmentmean dose of total Hg (μg kg−1 body weight per day)sample mass (g; mean ± s.e.)sample size
Bigeye Tuna akami0.8710.7940.3930.3361.716a0.34422.48 ± 2.84336
Bigeye Tuna toro0.9890.6850.7160.3652.254a0.35120.82 ± 2.9419
bluefin tuna akami1.0431.0280.4780.3681.916a0.18012.09 ± 2.04610
bluefin tuna toro0.3850.3070.2440.1661.027b0.12321.18 ± 2.42819
Yellowfin Tuna akami0.4740.4350.2940.0951.377b0.16418.34 ± 2.82326