Table 1.

Final mixed linear model ANOVAs with log-transformed zinc or lead concentration as the dependant variable in separate models, coloration score and time of collection as covariates, and capture site and ring name as random effects. Lead concentration was neither explained by the interaction between coloration score and time of collection (χ2 = 0.33, d.f. = 81, p = 0.568) nor by coloration score as simple effect (χ2 = 0.42, d.f. = 90, p = 0.519) and were removed from the model. *p-value < 0.05; **p-value < 0.01; ***p-value < 0.001.

 zinc concentrationlead concentration
coloration score0.536880.464
time of collection247.06985<0.001***1288.282<0.001***
coloration score × time8.188850.004**