Table 1.

Summary of linear models with the highest support (ΔAICc < 2) explaining the change in RTL. Model-averaged estimates of coefficients, unconditional standard errors, and relative importance (sum of AICc weights) were derived for each parameter included the set of well-supported models. Independent model sets included the proportion of days (arcsine square-root transformed) with either (a) shallow (Tsubc < 29°C) or (b) deep (Tsubc < 25°C) daily torpor bouts.

parameters in models with ΔAICc < 2estimate coefficients95% CIrelative importance
(a) model sets including a shallow classification of torpor (i.e. Tsubc < 29°C)
 body mass change (g)
 shallow torpor (prop. days)0.390.150.0740.709a0.65
 initial RTL−0.150.07−0.988−0.040a0.65
 group (warm)−0.140.07−0.2860.0120.35
 Akaike weight0.630.35
(b) model sets including a deep classification of torpor (i.e. Tsubc < 25°C)
 body mass change (g)
 deep torpor (prop. days)0.350.140.0520.650a0.81
 initial RTL−0.370.21−0.8010.0660.43
 group (warm)·0.140.07·0.2860.0120.19
 Akaike weight0.430.380.19
  • aIndicates CI does not include zero.