Table 2.

Three (non-nested) generalized linear models of species density with all samples combined. All three models include climatic variables, canopy/litter, abundance and the interaction of canopy/litter and temperature, precipitation and abundance, respectively. The effect sizes for the interaction terms are for canopy samples (with litter samples being that value×−1). Thus, the effects of mean annual temperature, annual precipitation and abundance differ between canopy and litter samples. Parameter estimates and AIC values do not include non-significant terms (i.e. for the abundance model).

interaction of canopy/litter
estimates84% CIestimates84% CIestimates84% CI
mean annual temperature0.489**0.4410.5370.512**0.4670.5580.556**0.5040.607
annual precipitation0.209**0.1820.2360.193**0.1650.2210.243**0.2050.281
temperature range−0.084*−0.136−0.031−0.088*−0.138−0.037n.s.n.s.n.s.
precipitation seasonality−0.106**−0.133−0.079−0.110**−0.136−0.084−0.094**−0.137−0.051
canopy/litter [canopy]−1.514**−1.894−1.133−0.283**−0.283−0.133n.s.n.s.n.s.
number of individuals0.140**0.1260.1490.143**0.1320.1540.361**0.3160.407
interaction of canopy/litter and focal variable0.006**0.0060.0080.148**0.1040.191−0.251**−0.299−0.203
AIC− 28 565− 28 549− 28 657
r2 observed ∼ predicted0.5260.5210.539
  • *p < 0.01.

  • **p < 0.0001.

  • n.s., not significant at p = 0.05.