Table 1.

Statistics of network structure across the productivity gradient (see electronic supplementary material, S3 for a visual depiction of each network). (Nestedness temperatures for other bipartite networks are in the 0–40 range [18], where 40 is the least nested network. Interacting isolates reflect the size of the network. Phage robustness [21,22] reflects the proportion of hosts that can be removed before half of the phages go extinct. These values are different from what is expected by chance (see electronic supplementary material, S2). Other measures are defined in §2.)

resource concentrationnestedness temperatureconnectanceinteracting bacteria isolatesinteracting phage isolatesgenerality (mean ± s.d.)vulnerability (mean ± s.d.)phage robustness
126.820.3419206.55 ± 2.66.89 ± 4.90.72
10−138.240.3314204.7 ± 1.56.71 ± 4.30.78
10−218.310.1810161.81 ± 0.72.9 ± 4.00.53