Table 1

Use of selected keywords in abstracts (talks and posters) submitted to the first three biologging conferences. (Where appropriate, keywords were searched for in all possible forms of spelling (e.g. behaviour/behavior) and grammatical usage (i.e. as verb, adjective, adverb and noun). Results are shown as the percentage of abstracts that contained a particular keyword at least once, and trends are indicated with symbols (new, new technology; ∼, no clear trend; +, increase; −, decrease). ODBA, overall dynamic body acceleration. For further details, see tables S1 and S2 in the electronic supplementary material.)


categories and keywordstrend200320052008
(a) tagging technology
 satellite (tracking, not remote sensing)
 acceler* (as in accelerometer)+
(b) analysis and research approach
 state* (as in state-space model)+
 hypoth* (as in hypothesis)+4.09.710.5
 model* (as in theoretical model)a+
 experim* (as in experiment)b10.09.79.1
 calibr* (as in calibration)b+
(c) research topics
 physiol* (as in physiology)17.012.910.5
 behav* (as in behaviour)+52.064.566.4
 forag* (as in foraging)+41.047.348.3
 conserv* (as in conservation biology)+
 climat* (as in climate change)c+
  • a This includes references to theoretical, mathematical and statistical models.

  • b The authors' own judgement is accepted of what constitutes an ‘experiment’ or a ‘calibration’, respectively.

  • c This only includes cases that explicitly mention ‘change’ or ‘changing’; for results of a broader search, see table S2 in the electronic supplementary material.