Table 1

Summary of projected range changes under full dispersal assumption for 74 endemic plant species using climate change scenarios for 2080 (Schatz et al. 2008).

vegetation/bioclimate/geographyexpansion (≥4 models)contraction (≥4 models)mixed‘worst case scenario’a
eastern humid littoral forest1606
low- to mid-elevation humid to sub-humid forest31546
mid-elevation sub-humid forest0601
central high plateau sub-humid to montane tapia woodland0303
western dry forest2100
northern dry to sub-humid forest3601
southwestern sub-arid forest/thicket11120
western dry forest and southwestern sub-arid forest/thicket4010
southeastern sub-humid to sub-arid transitional forest0101
widespread/broad tolerance1300
  • a

    a At least one model projects ≥95% contraction.